A Summer Italian Sunday

This is a typical Summer Italian Sunday in the place where I live. During the Summer, Italy is full of village parties. These parties are usually political or religious. In these kind of parties you can find something good to eat like fry focaccini where you can choose to put ham, gorgonzola, stracchino or other kind of cheeses or salumi in there. There are also theme parties where the theme is a kind of food such as snails party, Nutella party, ravioli party, etc. In all these parties we also usually dance “ballo liscio”; it is a kind of dance really common during Summer parties in Italy. In Liguria we love to spend our free Summer time at the beach but also people from Milan and Turin love it. They don’t have sea so they usually decide to move to Liguria to enjoy the shore. That’s why, when there is a beautiful weekend during the Summer, our streets (we’ve only two main streets here) are full of traffic and you can waste hours to join the place you choose to go. I live really near to the sea and it’s not a real problem for me because I own a Vespa! At the end of this video you can see “processione di Sant’Antonio”. During processione men bring a big statue of the Saint (it’s really heavy!) through streets, people follow this and pray togheter with priest and the city band plays. Only in Liguria is typical to bring also big Christs in processione. This was how I spent my Sunday! You can’t see Renato in this video because he was driving motorcycle in Mugello circuit in Tuscany. So I’ve decided to spend my entire Sunday with my family and my friends. A special thanks to my crazy friend Lorenza who always makes me a lot of  fun and helps me with my videos doing everything I say to her to do. Thanks Cicci.

P.S. Sorry! I had to speak in Italian a lot in this video!



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